About Us


Cross D Bar Recreation Foundation was founded 27 years ago on the idea of helping the disabled develop and clarify personal values, create a sense of freedon and improve self-esteem. Easily accessible facilities - restrooms, accommodations and campsites - make it possible for even the most severely handicapped to experience the joys, challenges and benefits of fishing, camping and other outdoor activities. Fishing and camping can offer a sense of freedom to the disabled, as well as help to develop critical problem-solving skills. The Cross D Bar Recreation Foundation provides the staff and environment to make access possible for all people, regardless of mental and physical limitations. Many of our disabled guests are able to re-enter society as productive, self-confident and reliable individuals.

Our Foundation is comprised entirely of volunteers and all donations are used to fund outdoor recreation for the disabled.




When you give today, your gift is used immediately to help disabled persons receive access to outdoor recreation activities.  Here's how your donation is used:

$500 - Sponsors a disabled person - and his/her family - for a full week at the ranch.

$100 - Sponsors a disabled person  - and his/her family - for a full day at the ranch.

  $50 - Sponsors a disabled person for a full day at the ranch.

  $25 - Sponsors a disabled person for a half-day at the ranch. 

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